Limited Liability Company «Transneft Electric Network Service» (previously named Limited Liability Company «SamaraTransneftServis»,) is a business company, whose authorized capital is divided into shares, acting under the Russian Federation laws and the Charter. It was registered on October 19, 2000 by the Inspectorate of the RF Ministry for Taxes and Levies for the Zheleznodorozhny District of the city of Samara, Primary State Registration Number (OGRN): 1026300529210 dated December 15, 2002. The company is considered to have been incorporated upon its state registration in accordance with the procedure set forth by law. The company has been created for an unlimited time period.

The company is incorporated in the group of companies of the Transneft entity system and is a service organization.

Company’s full corporate name in Russian:

Общество с ограниченной ответственностью «ТранснефтьЭлектросетьСервис» / Limited Liability Company «Transneft Electric Network Service»

Company’s abbreviated corporate name in Russian:

ООО «ТЭС» / Transneft Electric Network Service, LLC

Company’s address: 27 Rechnaya Str., Samara, 443082

Moscow branch: 16/1 Dobrolyubova Str., Moscow, 127254

Standalone subdivision: 182/1 Lenina Str., Boguchany Village, Boguchany District, Krasnoyarsk Krai, 663430

Key lines of business:

The Company’s goal is to ensure the continuous technological process of transportation of oil and oil products via the system of trunk pipelines in the Russian Federation by providing services of transmitting electricity, technological connection and development of electricity networks through investment activities.

The Company’s key commercial goal is to earn profits.

The Company’s key lines of business include:

  1. Electricity transmission;
  2. Lease of own commercial real properties;
  3. Investment activities.

Limited Liability Company «Transneft Electric Network Service» is a chain organization leasing electricity network facilities in the territory of the Russian Federation and providing services of electricity transmission across Russia, an investor and a developer of external electricity supply facilities.

Authorized Capital

The authorized capital of Transneft Electric Network Service, LLC, totals 199,204,829 (one hundred and ninety-nine million, two hundred and four thousand, eight hundred and twenty-nine) rubles.

Information about the founders (members) of the legal entity – legal entities

Number of founders – legal entities: 1

Transneft, PJSC»

Address: 4, p. 2, Presnenskaya embankment, Moscow, 123112

Percentage share size: 100